Week Three

Sometimes I think I might try the food and then I think, eh, better not.

So this week has been super similar to the past two. My Spanish has improved significantly and I am doing much better in our mock lessons that we have everyday. We don´t actually do that much in a day but the waking up at six thirty, the measly breakfast that usually consists of a hardboiled egg and as much toast as you want. Also for your information cocoa puffs in Peru do not go soft no matter how long they have been in the milk. They retain the ability to break teeth even after fifteen minutes soaking in the milk. We had some really good rice yesterday which consisted of a block of rice maybe five inches by three inches and about an inch and a half deep. It was the best rice we have had, we have had rice everyday at least twice by the way. Then we usually have some ice cream bars that are unlimited and use to our full advantage. We also have a soft serve ice cream machine guarded by a short Peruvian lady. But getting seconds is fairly easy, all us white guys look the same and napkins in the bowl fix the problem about having a dirty bowl. I still have another three weeks in the MTC. All the Avansados left today, the older missionaries that arrived three weeks earlier than us. So the new ones come in tonight to wake us up at three am when they come in the room to set up shop.

We have played a lot of volleyball as I have said before and we are getting really good. We might have the next USA volleyball team here.

I will talk next week with you guys. See ya.

Elder Westergard


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