Shaking up prison life…

Well this week has not been much different than the last. We are still working on our spanish and teaching the fake investigators in our cassitas that we have out back. I am doing well and surviving off the huge quantities of chicken and rice that they give us for lunch and dinner everyday. Saturday we had a little shake up to our schedule and we had a 4.8 earthquake that shook the little cassitas that we teach in and then we had the MTC itself, which is built to withstand earthquakes, shake. We all ran outside of our classrooms to the giant yellow circles in the parking lot that are the safe zones. That was a little fun. And then this week we were able to convince our teachers to go outside the MTC walls that we are not allowed to leave and buy us peanut butter. That was absolutely amazing. I still have half a jar left and I stole a spoon from the cafeteria so I could eat it back in my room. The teachers were not actually supposed to buy this for us but we did such a good job.

We are only allowed to get outside the walls on P day to go to the temple but other than that we are confined to the cafeteria, the dorms, the classroom, and the volleyball court. I am going a little crazy with so little to actually do here. But I have been able to go through the Book of Mormon with astonishing speed because of all our study time. I started it about a week and a half ago and now I am in Helaman 5. I think I am doing pretty well. The latinos are pretty funny this time around because the old ones left earlier this week. They keep asking me to speak french which is pretty funny.

It has been a ton of fun lately. Hope you guys are doing well. Later guys.


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